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Why Infrared?

The future is electric. Sustainable electricity generation is a global project. The UK government plans to ban the sale of petrol & diesel cars by 2040.

On 7th June 2017, at lunchtime the UK produced 50% of the countries electricity demand from solar & wind farms. We still have along way to go, especially as we need more energy in the cold winter months BUT we are on our way to giving up our dependance on fossil fuels.

Electricity generation statistics- Why infrared Heating

Over 75% of homes burn gas, oil, and coal for heating. We have reduced our fuel consumption through improved insulation, triple glazing, smart programming, smaller homes and clever architecture, but sooner than later we will have to change our heating to electric.

The most efficient form of electric heating is through Infrared Radiant Heating. Surf our site to see comparisons of traditional heating with Infrared. These comparisons demonstrate how people can benefit in terms of Comfort, saving Energy and consequently saving money.

There is a lot more to infrared heaters than the red glow of a patio heater in the local pub smoking shelter. Innovative manufacturers, such as Herschel Infrared, have designed heaters utilising Longwave infrared also known as Far Infrared. Far infrared is a lower temperature heater, the long waves are perfect for warming people and objects, making far infrared heaters perfect for use inside homes, hotels, offices, shops, schools etc..

Far infrared panel heaters will become the No.1 interior heating solution.

We have a wide range of  Herschel infrared electric panels, including the basic Select White Panel, high specification Select XL & Inspire White Panels, Glass & Mirror Panels, Mirror Panels with Towel Rails and top of the range Bespoke Picture Panels. Each model comes in different sizes and power ratings. Most panels are fittted to walls and some may be ceiling mounted. To enjoy the great benefits available from infrared, meet EC Lot 20, and thereby maximise Green credentials an infrared system needs to have Smart Controls.

Why Infrared Heating?

The Benefits

Stylish and Elegant Infrared Heating
  • Heat My Space offer a wide range of beautifully designed infrared heaters created by the industry leading manufacturers. Modern designs, and engineered using highest quality materials
Highly Efficient, Minimal Energy Wastage
  • A 1kW central heating ‘radiator’ will only radiate 25-33% of its energy. In comparison, a Radiant heater of the same size will radiate 93-97% of its energy
Infrared Heating Saves up to 60% of Electricity Costs
  • The energy required (and subsequently the energy bill!) of infrared heaters to create optimal heat is far lower than standard convection-based heating
Space Saving Infrared Heating
  • The majority of our heaters are fitted to walls, and/or ceilings so you don’t have to compromise on room space for your heating
Simple installation, No maintenance or Servicing
  • Infrared heaters require virtually zero maintenance, no oil, no gas. Just a simple electricity connection. You will be required to do nothing for many years to come until the lamps need to be replaced
Health and Infrastructure Benefits
  • Infrared rays warm up the fabric of your building, as opposed to the air like most standard heating systems. The building will retain heat longer than the air, creating an improved thermal comfort, and thus a warmer body
Infrared Heating is 100% Natural, Improving Human Well Being
  • The human body naturally accepts and emits infrared rays. If you enjoy the feel of the suns rays, you will love infrared heating
Infrared Heating Reduces Mould, Damp And Condensation
  • As infrared warms the walls from within, they are kept dry meaning no damp or mould. All rooms will be kept at a identical temperature so no chills when you change room!