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Heat My Space offers Infrared ceiling panel heaters that fit perfectly into the suspended ceiling grids or mounted onto the ceiling surface commonly found in offices, furthermore, if heaters need to be discreetly recessed into the ceiling, Heat My Space supply recessed infrared ceiling heaters, ideal for new build commercial offices.

For unusual offices such as converted buildings that may have higher or pitched ceilings, Heat My Space Summit heaters are the perfect solution.

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Suspended Ceiling Systems

The Herschel Select – Ceiling Grid Panel Heater & The IHP Suspended Ceiling Panel are specially designed to fit into ceiling grids and the panels are hardly noticeable when installed.

The infrared heat radiates down into the office space providing a comfortable heat just where you need it which is not achievable by convection heatingbecause it has to heat the whole volume of air. Herschel Infrared panels allow you to “zone” the heat (for example adding more heating in colder areas and leaving other areas unheated).

This is a far more effective use of energy and more practical than convection units making the air too stuffy.

Infrared panel heaters are very easy to install and can easily be controlled via the Herschel IQ system. They make the perfect replacement for wall mounted electric convection heaters. Our panels are energy efficient, maintenance free and are discreet.

Herschel Select – Ceiling Grid Panel Heater 

Far Infrared*

2 Models : Model 1: 59.5 x 59.5cm Panels | Fit 60 x 60cm Ceiling Tiles | 350W | 5.2kg

Model 2: 119.5 x 59.5cm Panels Fit 60 x 120cm Armstrong Tiles | 700W | 9.2kg

Prices £239 – £359 Inc VAT & UK Mainland Delivery

ihp suspended

IHP Suspended Ceiling Panel

Far Infrared*

2 Models : Model 1: 59.5 x 59.5cm Panels | Fit 60 x 60cm Ceiling Tiles | 320W | 2.6kg

Model 2: 119.5 x 59.5cm Panels Fit 60 x 120cm Armstrong Tiles | 640W | 5.2kg

Prices £179 – £263 Inc VAT & UK Mainland Delivery

Recessed Ceilings

The Tansun Apollo Recess – Ceiling Heaters have been manufactured to be recessed discreetly into the ceiling. This quartz infrared heater is the perfect heating solution for large indoor spaces as the room and people within it are warmed directly in a similar way to the sun.

Heat is not easily dissipated like most conventional HVAC systems where an open window, door or shutter can negate the effects of hours and hours of heating.

The Apollo Recess provides instant & consistent heat, unaffected by draughts. Emitting a red glow, the lamps can be replaced with ultra-low glare lamps where extra light is undesirable.

The Tansun Apollo Recess is economical, efficient and easy to install.

Tansun Apollo Recess Ceiling Heater

Shortwave Infrared

3 models with various power outputs

Model 1: Single Unit, 1/ 1.5/ 2kW | 42.0 x 22.5 x 11.5cm | 3kg

Model 2: Double Unit, 2/ 3/ 4kW | 85.5 x 22.5 x 11.5cm | 6kg

Model 3: Triple Unit, 3/ 4.5/ 6kW | 128.0 x 22.5 x 11.5cm | 8kg

Price on enquiry (very competitive)

apollo recess

Pitched & High Ceilings

For unusual offices such as converted buildings that may have higher or pitched ceilings, our Summit heaters are the perfect solution. The Herschel Summit 2600 is a zero light, black & slimline Far Infrared heater.

Designed with the latest Kanthal AF heating elements and finished with an IR enhancing Ge coating, the Summit provides an energy efficient heating solution for those areas that require effective comfort heating without the light emitted by medium-Infrared heaters. The Summit has a power output of 2.6kW.

It can be both wall mounted or hung directly overhead from the ceiling, maximising the heating in the area directly underneath the heater.

For larger open office areas the Summit space heater provides powerful yet gentle heating and can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or suspended.

With a highly contemporary look it will compliment any office environment.

Available with easy to use remote control or with Herschel IQ controls.

Far Infrared*

2 models

Model 1: With Remote Control | 141 x 16 x 4.5cm | 2.6kW | 6.9kg

Model 2: Without Remote Control | 129 x 16 x 4.5cm | 2.6kW | 7.4kg

£437 – £472 Inc VAT & UK Mainland Delivery

Herschel Summit Reception

Wall & Ceiling Mounting

Herschel Select White Panel 

UK’s No.1 Infrared Panel Heater emitting Far Infrared waves, providing an Indoor Comfort Heat for the office.

Panel includes an Easy-Fix Mounting System for quick & simple installation. No maintenance & controllable with Herschels iQ systems.

The Herschel Select Infrared White Panel Heater is available in a white aluminium finish, with a white powder coated aluminium frame.

Far Infrared*

3 models

Model 1: 350W | 59.5 x 59.5 x 2.5cm | 5.2kg

Model 2: 540W | 60 x 90 x 2.5 | 7.2kg

Model 3: 700W | 119.5 x 59.5 x 2.5cm | 9.2kg

Prices £239 – £359 Inc VAT & UK Mainland Delivery

Mounted Panel in Office - Available in Black and White as Standard

Central & High Ceiling Suspension

Herschel Pulsar Space Heater is an excellent solution for high ceilings, and open plan public office areas.

Each Pulsar unit produces effective comfortable levels of heat for very low wattage. Its sleek and simple design mean that despite the Pulsar being a fairly modern shape and style it will fit into any environment.

If desired it can be hung discreetly with other suspended equipment such as lights. Due to the height of its suspension it can also retain a subtle unobstrusive presence.

Far Infrared*

2 models

Model 1: White 1.8kW | 30 x 38 x 80 cm

Model 2: Black 2.4kW | 30 x 38 x 80 cm

Price £1363 Inc VAT & UK Mainland Delivery

Herschel Pulsar Space Heater Studio image

* Note: Far Infrared works by heating the thermal mass of the room. This type of infrared wavelength is only truly effective where rooms are relatively insulated, without draughts or winds. This is because the cool air from the draught or wind will remove the heat that has built up from the surfaces of the object & building structures in the room.  In exposed areas with air movement and wind, the far infrared spread may reduce by 1/3 to 1/2. In such instances, we recommend proportionally increasing the number of far infrared heaters.

For any advise on Effective & Economical heating solutions for your offices, get in touch with Heat My Space. Fill in our contact form, email us or call our landline on 01590 615 715, or mobile on 07921 574 895.

We are very happy to help and offer professional & expert advice on heating any Commercial Offices. We understand moving to Infrared Heating from conventional heating can be a daunting decision – we can assure you that Infrared is the most cost efficient & effective method of heating for your office.

Going electric IS the future of clean & sustainable heating. If your offices install solar panels onto the roof, this will be a 100% green solution.

Combining our heaters with our range of controllers allows precision control of your heaters – ensuring no heat or money is wasted & heaters can be controlled by APP.

Make your office smarter with Heat My Space Infrared Radiant Heating

Tansun Eclipse Ceramic Infrared Heater - Double
Tansun Eclipse Ceramic
Summit 2600- Sleek and Slim Design- Versatile Aesthetics
Herschel Summit 2600 (Copy)
Herschel Summit 2600- remote control version
Herschel Summit 2600
Herschel Aspect-XL2.
Herschel Aspect XL
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