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How much does it cost to run an Infrared heater?

This depends on the heat output of the heater. A Tansun Sorrento 1.5kW patio heater uses 1.5kW of power per hour (1500 watts.). 1kW of electricity costs approximately 12 pence per hour ( depending on your supply Tariff) so cost per hour of use = 12p x 1.5kW = 18 pence per hour. This calculation may be applied to all our heaters including Panel Heaters. Panel heaters run on much lower wattages than quartz heaters.

How can I save on energy by using Infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters can deliver energy-savings up to 60% over traditional heating systems.

The electric infrared heat provide warmth all the time at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels, or other electric heating. This is beacause infrared warms the building itself rather than the air – which is key to energy efficiency.

100% of the electrical energy used by infrared systems is converted into heat. Infrared heaters offer owners full control over their property’s energy use and temperature.

The amount of energy saving will depend on each house or building and your previous heating system.  However, it has been proven that a properly insulated building, fitted with infrared panels, can expect up to 30% reduction on gas central heating systems;
up to 50% reduction on oil central heating systems;
up to 60% reduction on electrical storage heating.

How can I effectively heat an office with infrared heating?

A . Heat My Space offer Infrared ceiling panel heaters that fit perfectly into the suspended ceiling grids commonly found in offices or can be mounted onto the ceiling surface. For heaters to be discreetly recessed into the ceiling, Heat My Space supply recessed infrared ceiling heaters, ideal for new build commercial offices. For unusual offices such as converted buildings that may have higher or pitched ceilings, Heat My Space Summit heaters are the perfect solution. For all your commercial & industrial heater requirements click here.

Suspended Ceiling Tile Heater Panels

Office Heating by Herschel Select Ceiling Grid Heater Panels

What are Infrared Panel Heaters?

Infrared panel heaters are immensely versatile and can be used for many purposes. They can be wall or ceiling mounted in your home to replace or compliment a traditional heating system. We offer glass panel heaters, blackboard panel heaters, mirror panel heaters, including non condensating mirror heaters for your bathroom, under desk panel heaters, and finally, customizable printed panel heaters so you can have a photo printed on, or your company name and logo. Visit our Panel Heater page to find your ideal infrared panel heater!

Can I use infrared heat for my Horse Solarium?  Infrared Heat Therapy for horses

There are specialist purpose designed Horse Solariums available on the market which are very effective. The Heat My Space  offers an alternative versatile solution. Create a multipurpose horse care zone where horses benefit from infrared while other tasks are being undertaken. Drying off, clipping, grooming, etc. Our infrared horse therapy solution uses the ultra low glare Tansun Monaco heater has a wide angle gold reflector this heater produces gentle infrared heat spread over a wide area.

Set up 1 : Individual Stable Fitting EQ1 2 x Tansun Monaco Singles (1.5kW each) | 22m2 Heat and 1 x Tansun IP Push Button Timer – Saves £34!

Set up 2 : Equestrian Pack 2  3 x Tansun Monaco Singles (1.5kW each) | 33m2 Heat and 1 x  Infresco Push Button Timer – Save £50!

Set up 3: Pro Pack 2 x Tansun Monaco Doubles (3kW each) |  <52 m2 Heat and 1 x  Infresco Push Button Timer – Save £50!

Use in a stable with high ceiling/roof so that the heater is out of reach of horse. Install at a height 2.4 – 3m, depending on horse size. The heater could be controlled by a time lag switch outside the stable or via the Quartzheat Ec0-Controller .  The Quartzheat controller comes with a handheld remote or control via a smart phone App. This  allows the horse carer to vary the heat power and control the heater from afar.

Is infrared heating suitable for my workplace?

Heat my Space have a range of infrared heaters that are suitable for all different kinds of workplaces, as we understand that different types of workplaces have a variety of different requirements. We have heaters for Offices,  Commercial spaces, Hospitality, Garages & Workshops, Site Heating.

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