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Low Glare Equestrian Heaters 3 Pack + Push Button Timer | Save £50!

£926.00 inc. Vat

  • Price Includes VAT & UK Mainland Delivery
  • Equestrian Heaters Pack for Horse Stables | Save £50!
  • Infrared Has Many Benefits for Horse Health
  • 3 x Tansun Monaco Singles (1.5kW each) | 33m2 Heat
  • 1 x  Infresco Push Button Timer
  • 1 – 30 Min Time Lag, then Automatic Turn Off
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This Low Glare Equestrian Heaters Pack saves you a huge £50. The Equestrian Pack is designed for heating Horses in Horse Stables. Low Glare Equestrian Heaters Pack includes 3 x Tansun Low Glare Monaco Singles (1.5kW each) + 1 x Infresco Push Button Timer.

The Infrared Stable Heaters

The Tansun Monaco is a Quartz Shortwave Heater with OSRAM Premium Blackstar Lamp and Gold Reflectors. Emitting shortwave infrared with Low Glare Technology, the heaters do not emit a bright red glow. Instead, the light emitted is low, providing a ambient and pleasant glow.

  • Dimension 40.2 L x 22.7 W x 32.3 D cm
  • IP rating of 55 – dust & water projected protected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure
  • Chose Black, White or Silver.
  • ✓ Low Running Costs ✓ Efficient and Effective Heating ✓ Fully Controllable Heaters
  • ✓ No Emissions ✓ Zero Noise – Silent Heating✓ No Fumes ✓ No Planning
  • ✓ A Simple Installation Process and ✓ Virtually Maintenance Free!
  • Infrared Radiant Heat heats people, animals and building structures directly
  • There is reduced dust movement, reduced condensation and mould build up.
  • This results in cleaner air and less dust & dirt on your clothes, ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • At 3.4kg each, the Tansun Monacos emit heat over an area of up to 11 metres squared each.
  • This package of 3 heaters will emit heat covering up to 33m sq in total.
The Control

Included in this package is the Infresco Push Button Timer. This Time Lag Switch has a illuminated and touch sensitive button which once pressed will turn on your heaters for the pre-determined length of time you have set it to (2 up to 20 minutes). Once those minutes are up, the heaters will both automatically turn off, ensuring energy saving and safety first – heaters will not be left on unattended.

  • 1 – 30 Minute Function, Automatic Turn Off Once Time Has Elapsed
  • Dimensions 130x130x75 mm
  • Max Load 6kW
  • IP65 Rating

See here for the Tansun Monaco brochure!
Click on this link for the Infresco Push Button Timer technical datasheet!

If you have any questions regarding the Infrared Stable Heaters, call us on 01590 615 715. Alternatively, email [email protected], we are very happy to help!

Package Includes: 3 x Tansun Monaco Singles, 1 x Infresco Time Lag Switch. Total power of heaters, 4.5kW.

Tansun Monaco
Power: 1.5kW each
Ingress Protection Rating: 55
Weight: 3.4kg each
Type of Heat: Shortwave Infrared
Dimensions: 402 L x 227 W x 323 mm

Infresco Time Lag Switch
Max Load: 6kW
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
Time Lag: 1 – 30 Minutes
Dimensions: 130x130x75 mm

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Tansun Monaco Colour

Black, White, Silver


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