keep warm without central heating

Keep Warm without Central Heating

How to keep warm without turning on the central heating is now getting serious. Ok so we have all thought about not turning on the Central Heating or the Night storage heaters as all far too expensive.  Not only that, every time the door is opened out fly the Pound notes. Unfortunately hot air is […]
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Home office heating

Best Way to Warm your Home Office

What’s the best way to warm your home office without turning the central heating on? Now we know remote working is part of our working lives, we have the unwelcome problem of having to heat the whole home while working in one room. Good news we have an alternative, cost effective solution which allows you […]
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Herschels COP 26 house

Great first day at COP26!

Great first day at COP26 for Herschel’s Beyond Zero Homes COP26 House in Glasgow. Super impressive to see how this zero-carbon, timber frame home has been constructed and completed on-site in central Glasgow, within an eight-week timeframe, in preparation for the UN Climate Change Summit. The installation of our Herschel Infrared panel heaters took less than one […]
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Herschel COP 26 house

COP26: Herschel Infrared & Beyond Zero Homes

COP26: Herschel Infrared chosen as the heating solution in zero-carbon house project Herschel Infrared has been picked to be part of a collaborative group, Beyond Zero Homes, which are showcasing a zero-carbon home at the November COP26 Summit in Glasgow. To demonstrate the solutions available right now that will deliver a more sustainable future. The […]
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How Does Infrared Heat Work?

How Does Infrared Heat Work – Blog Post Feeling the sun on your face, the heat from a log fire, the warmth from a hug. These are simple examples of how infrared heat works. Infrared heat is radiant heat. Infrared has been used by man since time began as a heat source as it’s a […]
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IHP wall mounted panel

What is Comfort Heat?

What is Comfort Heat? Ideal Comfort Heat Temperature It is generally accepted that the ideal comfort temperature to create “Comfort Heat” for the average human is in the region of 21 degrees centigrade. This assumes the person is non-active, in an enclosed environment and wearing everyday clothes. For example: Watching TV in a living room, […]
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Inspire White Infrared Heater- Slimline Space Saving Profile

The Future of Heating

The Future of Heating A revolution is taking place in heating: low energy, high efficiency and attractive designs. Electric infrared technology will be the future of heating. Powered by renewable energy, it is stylish and discreet. Infrared Heaters are easy to install, completely silent and virtually maintenance-free. Heating that provides high comfort levels, reduces damp & mould […]
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Spectral Absorption of infrared by water graph

Infrared Wave Analysis

Infrared Wave Analysis Introduction: “Infrared Heating” is commonly understood to be Shortwave or Middlewave Infrared, here we have a basic infrared wave analysis.  Tungsten Halogen or Quartz lamps that emit red light are popular in outdoor heating and large public spaces. Construction industry professionals and others are aware there are different categories of infrared, but […]
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Radiant Heat v Convection Heat Transfer

Radiant Heat v Convection Heat Transfer This page compares radiant heat v convection heat transfer of heat generated. Comparing the traditional pumped hot water-filled convection Central heating system versus an Electric Radiant Heat heating system. A kilowatt of energy does not produce the same amount of Heat Transfer, this is because each type of heating […]
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moorgate finance

Moorgate Finance | Customer Focused

Moorgate understands the financial pressures that arise in business. They provide financing solutions to help business grow.
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