A little bit of Heat My Space history

Our company has been trading for 14 years  specialising in awnings, canopies, parasols, outdoor infrared heating and the increasingly important indoor electric infrared space and panel heating product range. Since 2015 we developed two online ecommerce businesses “Heat My Space” and “Rain & Shade Solutions” with each website selling separate products. In 2021  we have now combined both ecommerce businesses into our new “Heat My Space” ecommerce site which offers superb quality indoor & outdoor electric heating products, and a wide rage of excellent parasols, accessories, and fittings. We try to source our products from UK manufacturers where possible. We have built up  a lot of knowledge and expertise in our products and therefore always happy to discuss your project.

It’s Good to be Green

About Heat My Space, we firmly believe that the future is electric, which is why we source the best electric heating solutions for you.

Sustainable electricity generation is a worldwide project, which is why we choose infrared heating. It’s both cost and energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and beneficial for everyone.

Why Us?

Heat my Space offer top quality products whether you are  looking for a panel heater, a cantilever parasol, or a replacement parasol canopy.

If you have a bespoke requirement or a larger project, we offer a free consultation and design service. Click here to arrange a callback.

There are numerous benefits to infrared heating.  Stylish, elegant, efficient, quiet, heats object not air, does not move dust, simple to instal.

When it comes to Rain and Shade solutions our products are simply the best quality available: Vortex, Tradewinds, Vitabri, and Harken. All top international brands. We also bespoke manufacture marine grade stainless steel brackets for all types of outdoor canopy connections.

Liberty Stadium Herschel Aspect XL by Heat My Space

Liberty Stadium Herschel Aspect XL by Heat My Space

Our Brands and Products

We work with manufacturers of high-quality infrared heaters to provide the most advanced infrared heating equipment to you.  We are proud to work closely with Herschel Infrared, a leading global manufacturer;  Tansun, a quality British manufacturer of Quartz space heaters established in 1982; Jigsaw Infrared a new British manufacturer of premium quality infrared panel heaters.

Tansun logo


Herschel offers a range of products, their infrared panel heaters are designed to fit any indoor space, from homes to large commercial sites.

They can be used for suspended ceilings, under desks and fitted to low conservatory walls. They are supplied in white, glass, mirror and picture. These can be customised to customers specifications with their company name or logo. Alternatively, a family portrait or favourite holiday destination!

Use our infrared heater calculator to specify what heaters you need. Herschel Infrared also offer a range of outdoor heaters that are freestanding, wall-mounted or hanging.

Tansun is the UK’s leading manufacturer of short wave quartz infrared heaters. Established in 1982, they fabricate high-quality British made products for domestic, commercial and industrial uses. Their Sorrento outdoor heaters are the leading commercial infrared product. They offer outdoor IP rated, weatherproof products for a range of sectors and applications.

Infrared heating saves space and is simple to install. It needs minimal maintenance and no servicing. It is 100% natural and improves human wellbeing. In your building, it reduces mould, dampness and condensation.

We strive to make properties as smart, warm and energy-efficient as possible. Buy Now and Join the Infrared Revolution!

Rain and Shade Solutions

Our exciting range of Parasols and accessories help customers create beautiful alfresco lifestyles. Making sure you can enjoy the outdoors and all its’ benefits.

Our Rain & Shade solutions from Bambrella, Tradewinds , Vitabri, and Vortex offer high UV protection so you can safely enjoy the sun and get cover from the rain while our outdoor heaters keep you warm.


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“We needed heating which could be tailored to different areas of the hall, and sometimes the foyer too, to avoid both financial and environmental wastage. Other clubs have since commented on how cosy and welcoming our gym is, even when it was -6°C outside! We’re delighted with our new heating system!”

Ruth Gibson | Head Coach at Hamilton Gymnastics Club

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