Room heating calculator works out the approximate number of  Watts you need to heat your room

Once you have the Watt knowledge choose a panel or group of panels to match the Watts needed.

Our infrared heater calculator will help to work out what size infrared heater is needed, or how many infrared heaters are needed to heat the space, use our Watt Calculator as an infrared heating panels calculator.

Calculate the wattage required per room and choose heaters to match.

In a home-style environment search through our Panel heaters for a heater.

In a commercial environment, our Space Heaters may be a better option to consider.

The watt calculator has 6 space types to select from:

  • Period style original home
  • 1975 – 2000 & renovated period home
  • New Build (2000+)
  • Conservatory
  • Retail, Office & Public sector eg classroom/village hall
  • Warehouse/Industrial use maximum height of 4m

Enter the size values into the “room length” and “room width” and “room height” boxes

Please contact us if you need more information.

Your Power Requirement is:
2000 Watts


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What is a Watt -A Watt is a unit of energy, 1000 Watts = 1 kiloWatt (kW).  Most electric products have a kW/hour (kWh) rating, eg an average electric kettle is rated at 1.2kW (1200 watts) or an 1195mm x 595 Jigsaw infrared panel heater is rated at 0.8kW (800 watts).

Electricity is sold to us on the basis of the price in pence per kiloWatt of energy used per hour. In 2021 the approximate cost of domestic electricity per kW is 20p. Prices may vary depending on your region and supplier.

All heaters have a nominated Wattage output noted as kW (kilowatts), 1 kW = 1000 Watts, this also represents the amount of electricity used per kWh.


Our calculator gives a guide to the  power required to heat a room up to 20 degrees C.  As there are many variables which affect the calculation this is only a guide. Variables include: the window area, the type of glazing (single, double, triple), the number of outside walls, the direction the outside walls face, which floor the room/space is, the insulation in floor/walls/ceiling/loft, the outside temperature. In the case of commercial and public spaces  such as  a warehouse or school other factors will affect the power requirement:- height of roof, number of open door ways, internal pedestrian & vehicle traffic.

The are many variables to take into account to exactly determine the size and number of infrared heaters required. Our room heating calculator is offered as guide and is not a substitute for detailed heat loss calculations.

Use our watt calculator to work out how to heat a shed, or outside building for animals – if the building is not insulated use the Warehouse/Industrial category.  If the building is subject to draughts or has open sides consider using quartz halogen heaters, such a Tansun Sorrento as these perform much better in windy conditions.

For more information :- please do not hesitate to contact us at our offices to discuss your project in more detail.

We are always pleased to discuss individual needs and assist in the correct specification of infrared heaters for individual rooms or indeed for a whole building.

You can also find us on Approved Business and Business Magnet B2B Directories

“We needed heating which could be tailored to different areas of the hall, and sometimes the foyer too, to avoid both financial and environmental wastage. Other clubs have since commented on how cosy and welcoming our gym is, even when it was -6°C outside! We’re delighted with our new heating system!”

Ruth Gibson | Head Coach at Hamilton Gymnastics Club

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