Tansun Sorrento – Best Selling Infrared Heater

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No1 Best Selling Commercial Use Infrared Heater

Ideal for Commercial, Hospitality & Outdoor Heating

Shortwave Quartz Providing Instant Heat | IP24 Rating

Models: Single 1.5/ 2kW | Double 3/ 4kW | Triple 4.5/ 6kW

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Tansun Sorrento – Best selling Commercial Infrared Heater! It has the ultimate combination of weatherproofing, whilst lightweight and easy to install. Due to its durability in any weather, the Sorrento complements any outdoor heating application with its charming aesthetics.

There are 3 models available; Single, Double and Triple, each model is available with either a 1.5kW or 2kW lamp. Heat coverage ranges from 11 sqm to 36 sqm.

Tansun Sorrento Models

Single Model, in 1.5 kW or 2 kW, with Up to 11 sqm Heat Coverage
Double Model, in 3 kW or 4 kW, with Up to 26 sqm Heat Coverage
Triple Model, in 4.5 kW to 6 kW, with up to 36 sqm Heat coverage

Benefits of Shortwave Infrared

As a member of our quartz heater range, the Sorrento uses shortwave infrared rays. This provides instant heat, with no pre-heating time. This range of Tansun heaters is the Best Selling Commercial Infrared Heater because it is ideal for commercial, hospitality and outdoor heating. Powerful performance from its Quartz lamps enables these heaters to heat large spaces and hard-to-heat areas.

If you want to upgrade your hospitality area consider the Ultra-low glare version of the Sorrento – the Tansun Monaco which also has the benefit of a Gold reflector maximising the effectiveness of the infrared rays.

The heat delivered is fresh rather than stuffy, by heating people and objects rather than the air directly. Unaffected by wind, shortwave infrared waves provide a consistent and comfortable heat flow. Furthermore, the heat intensity provided by shortwaves is optimal for space heating, such as in industrial buildings, and churches.

The Sorrento is IP 24 rated, with standard colours available of black, silver, and white. Also available in any RAL colour, as a special order.

The Sorrento Heater is perfect for; Sports Halls, Workshops, Terraces, Patios to Churches.

Up to 6kW of heat is possible with the 6kW triple model. Incredibly efficient, the Sorrento converts 92% of its energy into emitted heat. Built with wide beam reflectors, all our models have maximum heat output and provide fully effective heating of large areas.

See HERE for the full Sorrento Brochure!
For a No Glare option take a look at the Sorrento Ceramic Here!

For detailed information about how this product can be incorporated into your building or outside area contact us or phone 01590 615715. We are able to offer our customers a free heating design service to assist in heater layouts for your building, or terrace.

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Singe 1.5kW, Single 2.0kW, Double 3.0kW, Double 4.0kW, Triple 4.5kW, Triple 6.0kW

Standard Colour

Black, Silver, White

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