Tansun Apollo Recess – Ceiling Heater

Suitable for;

Commercial, Reception & Offices | Social, Shopping Centres, Leisure Centres | Industrial, Garage heating, Workshops.

Offers Discreet Heating Solution

Tansuns’ Shortwave Quartz ‘Ceiling Heater’ Range

Comes with a 2 Year Warranty

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Wattage Options 1.5kW or 2.0kW Available – Enquire Now for Prices 



The Tansun Apollo Recess Ceiling Heater sets a benchmark for infrared heating with its’ clean discreet lines. Set up the Apollo for targeted spot heating or with multiple heaters for heating wider areas.

The recess ceiling heaters save wall space making them ideal for offices, reception areas, corridors, hospital wards, education facilities, leisure centres, waiting areas, hospitality areas, patios, and meeting places of all types. The Apollos’ dual ultra-low glare elements make it ideal for any public are.

The Tansun Apollo Recess Ceiling Heater is an excellent heat source for a wide range of applications where heaters fixed to the wall or ground level are not appropriate. For example, in a hospital where there are high volumes of human traffic or use of wheeled equipment. The Apollo Recess is the optimum choice for direct, and specific heating in commercial, industry, and domestic settings. The Apollo Recess targets only the required area which avoids wasted energy and heat.

This ceiling-mounted product offers discreet heating in 1.5 kW or 2.0kW options depending on your heat requirements. Any desired ‘spot heating’ can be provided by strategically placing the ceiling heaters where needed. Unaffected by open windows, or doors, the shortwave infrared technology provides customers with a steady and consistent heat.

Virtually maintenance-free, this range comes with 2 years warranty.

Have a look at our regular Apollo heater range here – wall and ceiling mounted. Available in standard powered coated black.


See HERE for the full Apollo Recess brochure!

For detailed information about how this product can be incorporated into your building or outside area contact us. Alternatively, phone 01590 615715. We offer our customers a free heating design service to assist in heater layouts for your building, or patio.

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1.5kW, 2.0kW