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Pub, Club, Cafe and Restaurant Outdoor Heating Guide

What is the best heater choice for my pub club cafe restaurant outdoor heating ?  Here we try to help you make an informed decision.

The first task is to decide what you want the heaters to achieve:

  • Comfortable relaxed customers, who want to stay longer, and buy more food/drink
  • A warm and attractive ambiance, to attract new customers to the venue
  • Cost effective, as cost efficient as possible
  • Simple to control

Carefully consider the area you want to heat. Is it completely open to the elements or is it covered, semi covered.  How commited financially are you to achieving your targets – it is always best to heat an area so that the customers in that area are properly heated. If the customers are drinking/smoking in standing mode then the heat requirement is less than a group of diners sitting. If your budget is restricted then only have heaters for 2/3 tables rather than trying to heat 4/5 poorly.  It has been proven time and again that investment in heaters will bring more business – especially where the heater is warming a nice spot for chilling and watching the world go by …

pub club cafe restaurant outdoor heating by HeatMySpace

Tansun Rio IP

Fully Exposed to the Elements –  you will need IP rated shortwave Quatrz heaters eg:  Tansun Rio IP (single model small heater 1.5kW), Tansun Rio Grande ( 2 model: single 1.5kW &  double 3kW) or Tansun Sorrento ( 6 models single 1.5/2kW, double 3/4kW & triple 4.5/6kW. These model heaters have quite a high glare so options would include Low Glare versions. Tansun Monaco (3 models Single 1.5kW,Double 3kW,Triple 4.5kW) , Tansun Bahama ( 2 models 1.5/3kW)

Semi Covered Wind Protected Patio Areas: all heaters as above plus Herschel California & Herschel Colorado

Enclosed Outdoor Areas (3 walls, no wind or rain): Herschel Califormia, Herschel Colorado. No glare ceramic heaters such as Herschel Aspect, IHP Medium density, Tansun Eclipse and Tansun Sorrento Ceramic.

Heater Controls

Now you have chosen your heater/s you should consider the ideal method of controlling them. Passive Infrared, Time Lag Switch, Remote Control, Simple On/Off.   The ideal scenario is to minimise management input, and cost whilst maximising the effect.  To achieve this we would recommend considering either Time Lag or PIR controls.

Check out our INFRARED HEATER CONTROLS GUIDE for help on this topic.

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