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Pet Heating – Infrared Options

How can I keep my pet dogs, cats, rabbits warm?

We love our pets and we know they need and love to be warm, just like we do. Mammals constantly lose heat to their surroundings because they are often warmer than the environment they are in. Heat is lost by radiation, and is gained by radiation (such as lying in the sun or in front of a fire). This is why animals have fur or blubber – to reduce this loss of heat. The skin naturally accepts and emits infrared (which simply means invisible radiation), therefore it is 100% natural and safe. Infrared heat supplied by infrared heaters radiates heat in this exact way.

If you think your pet may be a little chilly in their bed or in the place they sleep then look no further than Heat My Space infrared heaters for pets. Here, we recommend two heating options for your pets for either indoors or outdoors.

Pet Heating Options - Dog Sleeping in Bed under Infrared Heaters

INDOOR Pet Heating Options- Whether your pet sleeps in the Utility Room, Lounge, Kitchen, Crate or Under the Desk this will be ideal


This heater set-up provides you with one or more panel heaters controlled by a ‘Passive Infrared (PIR) Control’ which turns on when your pet is present and turns off if the ambient temperature reaches a pre-set level (see description below). This makes for very efficient and cost-effective pet heating. Our panel heaters use ‘far long infrared heat’ which provide a comfortable low intensity heat designed for indoor use.

Shop our Herschel Select White Panel – We have 5 models of this heater, varying in size, shape and power wattage depending on the location or number of pets you want to heat. It has a unique light weight, floating frame design that allows effortless installation which looks great when fixed to a wall or ceiling. A safety over-temperature trip has been installed to protect the panel from overheating if accidentally covered. Available in Black or White as standard, but customs colours, sizes and shapes can be ordered.


OUTDOOR Pet Heating Options- Whether your pet sleeps in the Kennel, Shed, Garage, Barn or Stables this will be perfect

This heater set-up provides you with 2 single or 1 double model shortwave quartz heaters. These heaters emit high intensity heat unaffected by wind or draughts, ideal for outdoor use where there is no insulation. These heaters provide instantaneous heat to your pet and the bed or floor they are lying on, rather than the air, for efficient heating.

Shop our Tansun Sorrento – a robust weatherproof quartz infrared heater suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Chose either the single model (1.5kW or 2kW – up to 11m sq heat coverage) or the double model (3kW or 4kW – up to 26m sq of heat coverage) depending on the size of the area you need to heat for your pet.


CONTROL Option for Both Indoors and Outdoors

Heaters should be controlled for maximum efficiency of heaters. Shop our Infresco P 4kW Passive Infrared Controller – The ‘P’ model has a built in PIR sensor allowing the lamps to automatically switch on only when pets & people are present AND a built in temperature sensor which will switch the lamps off at a set ambient temperature between 1 C and 60C.

This controller accepts up to 4kW, so you could have 6 of the highest power ratings of the panels (4000W divided by 640W = 6.25) or alternatively you can just connect one of the lowest power!

If you required more than 4kW, chose the Infresco 6kW PIR controller or purchase multiples of either controller.