Tradewinds Concrete Parasol Bases

  • Suitable for Classic & Aluzone Tradewinds Parasols
  • 25 kg, 40 kg & 60 kg concrete parasol bases
  • 38mm, 48mm & 58mm base plate options
  • Quality manufacturer
  • Price includes VAT & Delivery (terms apply)




Tradewinds Concrete Parasol Bases are available in 3 weights

25 KG with 38mm base plate, 510mm diameter, without handles.

Suitable for Tradewinds 1.9m Square and Tradewinds 2.6m Hexagonal parasols with 38mm poles. Classic & Aluzone

40 KG is available with 38mm or 48mm base plate, 560mm diameter. This concrete base has handles.

  •  38mm base plate is suitable for the above noted Tradewinds parasols.
  • 48mm base plate will support the Tradewinds 2.2m Square, Tradewinds 3.6m Hexagonal, and  Tradewinds 2m x 3m Rectangular parasols

60 KG is available with 38mm or 48mm or 58mm base plates. 650mm diameter. The concrete base has handles

  • 38mm and 48mm is suitable for the above noted Tradewinds parasols.
  • 58mm baseplate on a 60kg base will support the Tradewinds 2.8m Square and Tradewinds 4m Octagonal parasols

Note: All other parasols ie Tradewinds 3.6m Square, Tradewinds 5m Octagonal will require the X base frame system with a minimum of 4 concrete slabs/100 kg.

If you wish to simply purchase a base plate which could be bolted to a reinforced deck or concrete slab follow these links:

38mm base plate | 48mm base plate | 58mm base plate

To visit our specialised Rain & Shade e commerce store go to:

The Tradewinds Concrete Parasol bases are made specifically for Tradewinds parasols however they are a versatile weight unit and could be used to support other parasol brands or used for other purposes eg bird feeder support unit.

Feel confident when buying from Heat My Space, we have been operating our Ecommerce site for over 5 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. All our brands are tried and tested and sold all over the world to discerning customers. Our parasols are designed for the rigours of commercial use, spare parts are available including replacement canvas covers. Whether your parasol is going to be used in a commercial or residential setting be assured our designs are timeless, classic, and ooze quality. 

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25kg + 38mm base plate, 40kg + 38mm base plate, 40kg + 48mm base plate, 60kg + 38mm base plate, 60kg + 48mm base plate, 60kg + 58mm base plate