Herschel XLS Smart Heater

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Launched October 2019 | New Product | High Performance | Ultra Slim | Frameless

In Built SMART-R receiver | Efficient ECO Heater | App Controllable

Easy-Fit | Wall or Ceiling Mounted | 5 Models; 0.3 – 1.1 kW

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Herschel XLS smart heater

The Select XLS infrared heater range is the successor to Herschel’s extremely popular Select XL range and features the SMART-R in-built receiver which pairs to XLS controls, allowing full APP, Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. A true “plug and play” heating solution.

The Herschel XLS smart heater is constructed from high quality materials in a frameless finish and features Herschel’s unique Easy-Fix mounting system.

Herschel Select XLS is available in white and mirror finishes.

The ultra slimline Herschel Select XLS white infrared panels are frameless, can be wall or ceiling mounted and are perfect for a discreet and sophisticated look. They come with a UK plug for easy DIY install or can be professionally installed. 96% of the white panel can be fully recycled at end of life. Herschel packaging is close to 100% recyclable and is under review with the aim to make it fully recyclable.

All panels come with a 5 year warranty.

They are specially optimised for UK voltage and are fully tested by TÜV to GS, CE and international electrical Safety Standards.

Choose Herschel XLS smart heaters for ease of install, performance and value. The heaters need to be used in conjunction with Herschel’s XLS range of controls.

The Select XLS White Infrared Panel heater represents the definitive in simple, efficient, smart heating. This super-slim panel incorporates Herschel’s latest innovation with Herschel SMART-R technology integrated into the panel.

With three wireless thermostats to choose between (sold separately) this plug and play frameless panel can be smartphone-enabled or voice controlled with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Available Wattage is 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1100 Watt units.

  • 300 Watt:  30 x 90 cm / 5 – 7 sqm coverage
  • 400 Watt: 60 x 60 cm / 6 – 8 sqm coverage
  • 600 Watt: 60 x 85 cm / 11 – 13 sqm coverage
  • 800 Watt: 60 x 120 c/ 13 – 18 sqm coverage
  • 1100 Watt: 60 x 155 c/ 15 – 24 sqm coverage

The Herschel Select XLS White delivers all the benefits you’d expect from low energy, low carbon heating. The space-saving white infrared panel heater comes with the EasyFix mount for quick installation. An aluminium front emitting surface and aluminium rear surface with an insulating layer to minimise rear heat loss.

The Herschel Select XLS is designed with sustainability in mind. Packaging is close to 100% recyclable. The panel has been specially designed so over 95% of it is fully recyclable while the panel’s solid-state components ensure longevity.

With a 5 year warranty, Herschel Select XLS can be wall or ceiling mounted and delivers the perfect choice in maintenance free, no hassle, low energy heating for homes and businesses alike.

There are three options (sold separately) for operating your XLS panels. Choose from a battery operated controller (T-BT), a mains / USB powered controller (T-MT) or plug-in controller (T-PL).

Both T-MT and T-PL have in built Wifi for use with SmartLife App, and Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

The Select XL has been replaced with our upgraded Select XLS range.  

Click HERE for the Technical Data Sheet for the Herschel Select XLS WHITE Infrared Panel Heater!
Click HERE for the Herschel Select XLS WHITE installation manual!

NOTES TO DATA SHEET:  The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M. If room heights are greater or there are other building factors to consider. Please contact us  or call Heat My Space office directly so that a more detailed assessment can be carried out.

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30 x 90 / 300W, 60 x 60 / 400W, 60 x 85 / 600W, 60 x 120 / 800W, 60 x 155 / 1100W

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