Tansun 6.5 kW RC Receiver

  • Maximum Resistive Load of 6.5kW
  • Wireless Wall Fixed Unit
  • 4 Setting Dimmer Function
  • 100% -75% -50% – off
  • Mount indoors




The Tansun 6.5 kW RC Receiver will control a maximum resistive load of 6.5kW. This receiver is designed as a wireless wall fixed unit and features a dimmer function. Operated via a Remote Control Handset (available separately), the dimer function has four pre-set levels ; 100% -75% -50% – off). This receiver provides more flexibility when controlling higher wattage heaters.

6.5kW Receiver


Dimensions for Tansun 6.5 kW RC Receiver

(W x H x D) 195 x 200 x 75mm

Controllable Heaters

This 6.5kW Receiver is capable of controlling 4 x Tansun Bahama Singles (1.5kW each), for example. Tansun Bahama is a member of the Elite Range, ‘Ambient Series’ with dual low glare technology. IP55 rated, discreet and elegant, this Quartz heater is ideal for Commercial & Natural Environments. Combine 2 x Tansun Bahamas with Tansun 6.5 kW RC Receiver for stepwise dimming: 100% -75% -50% – off.

Click HERE for the Technical Datasheet for Tansun Controllers!

Additional information

Dimensions 19.5 × 7.5 × 20 cm

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