Tradewinds 58MM Base Plate

This 58mm base plate is suitable for Tradewinds Classic 2.8m Square Parasol, Tradewinds Classic 3.6m Square Parasol, Tradewinds 4m Octagonal, Tradewinds 5m Octagonal


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This versatile Tradewinds 58mm Base Plate is designed for a 58MM  Pole parasol-  suitable for Tradewinds Classic 3.6m Square Parasol & Tradewinds Classic 4.0m Octagonal Parasol or any parasol with a 58mm diameter pole.  Bolt this parasol baseplate fitting to  a reinforced timber deck or concrete base and insert the parasol pole. The Tradewinds 58mm base plate is a versatile product and may be used for a variety of applications.

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