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All Infrared Panel Heaters

We have a wide range of Infrared Panel Heaters available.

Herschel Panel Heaters. The widest range of far infrared panels heaters available. Suitable for all Domestic and Commercial applications.

INSPIRE; premium frameless range, available in white, mirror (non condensing), glass and picture (photo or company logo)

SELECT XL; highly efficient Herschel COSIX CELL TECHNOLOGY heating element, available in; white, mirror, or glass. With optional towel rail

SELECT RANGE; standard high performance white panel.

Mirrorstone Panel Heaters.  These excellent panel heaters are retailed from a lower cost base and benefit from all the advantages of infrared.  The range includes:

CLASSIC FRAMED PANEL – 6 size/power options

FRAMELESS PANEL – 5 size/power options

IMAGE PANEL with 75 beautiful stock images or your own image – 5 Size options

MIRROR PANEL – 2 size options

Benefits of  Infrared Panel Heaters

  • Up to 60% savings on energy usage over traditional forms of electric heating
  • Combined with solar to give FREE Heating and zero CO2
  • Infrared heats objects including the fabric of the building (walls) which retain heat for longer, creating better thermal comfort.
  • Warm walls are dry walls which leads to less damp, mould and condensation.
  • No dust movement meaning safer and cleaner air to breathe in the home.

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