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Front of House Heating

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Front of house heating solutions with INFRARED Electric Panels and/or INFRARED NO GLARE CERAMIC Heaters. Encourage more customers into your establishment with attractive well designed, easy to install, low maintenance front of house heating wth INFRARED. Supplementary to your existing heating or add as part of your full refurbishment. Heat My Space front of house  heating. The products we have available are a cost effective, modern, simple to control solution.

Examples of front of house heating:

Herschel Picture Panel Heater infrared panel heater fitted in an entrance foyer could be branded with your logo, or a photo of your restaurant or Spa area.

Tansun Eclipse sophisticated and sleek black zero light emitting ceramic heater can be fitted through a restaurant at ceiling level providing lots of space for bench seating.

Herschel Select White Panel Heaters fitted to ceilings or walls will gently warm your customers.

Herschel Pulsar Space Heater, super stylish hanging heater perfect for Reception areas in Boutique Hotels and Modern architecture.

Infrared is the future of electric heating with Green credentials. Go 100% green if you generate electricity with solar, or turbine!

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