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White Electric Panel Heaters

White Electric  Panel Heaters using INFRARED TECHNOLOGY are helping many people save money on their heating costs, and increase their own levels of comfort through the benefits of infrared. 

Infrared white electric heating panels are now available at affordable prices and when linked to Smart Controls will save energy and hundreds of £££’s in running costs. As well as white panel heaters we have  Mirror Panel heaters, Glass Panel heaters, Picture Panel heaters with high quality stock photos printed on them, and even your own photo or Company Logo. A heater which is a picture on the wall !!

Refurbishment & New Build, future proof your investment
Use Infrared White Electric Panel Heaters in a wide range of situations

Refurbishing & Renovating

Investment Rental Units

Holiday Cottages, Pods, Sherpherds Hut – accomodation for visitors and tourists

Home Offices, Chalet , Man & She Caves

Hairdressers, beauty,spa, studios, fitness

Think out of the box & seriously consider using Infrared Panel Heaters. Simple straight forward installation and minimal maintenance, silent to run, slim profile, low key and can be fitted to ceilings.  Herschel & Mirrorstone infrared panel heaters produce Comfort Heat, warming objects (including people) and not air. Infrared heating is very controllable, as opposed to conventional central heating. This will save energy & £££’s.

Ceiling or Wall Mounted

Short on space ? Heating a small room, hallway, home office? Think about the advantages of ceiling mounted infrared white electric panel heaters. The heater will bathe the whole room in heat very efficiently, no pre -heating time waiting for the central heating to kick in. The days of night storage heaters… lots of heat in the morning but in the evening … no heat left, such memories will become a forgotten disappointment.

Surf our panels and/or call for more details 01590 615715

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