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Heated Bathroom Mirror & Towel Rail

Combine heating with a mirror in your bathroom.

• Herschel Infrared heated bathroom mirror is available in 10 sizes (Herschel Inspire, 7 & Herschel Select XL, 3) and power ratings.
 This piece of super efficient equipment would blend into any home, from a Studio Apartment to a Grand Mansion.

• Built with mirror safety glass and suitable for humid areas, Herschel infrared mirror heaters do not suffer from condensation!
✓ The IR heat warms objects in the bathroom such as; walls, glass, and fittings. Therefore driving away moisture, damp and mould.

• Heated Mirror are ideal for Hallways, Kitchens, Living Rooms or Bedrooms
✓ The Select XL Mirror panel is fitted with 1 or 2 attractive stainless steel towel rail/s.

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  • Hershel Inspire infrared Mirror Heater

    Herschel Inspire Mirror Panel

    £454.80£1,198.80 inc. Vat
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