Herschel Advantage IR 1300/1950

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Optimal for Warehouse & Industrial Units | 1.3- 1.95kW

<5 Minute Warm-Up Time | 5 Years Warranty

Longwave Infrared Heat | Choose 1.3 or 1.95kW

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The Herschel Advantage IR 1300/1950 range is designed for space heating in large industrial and commercial units. They use far infrared technology to provide a comfortable level of heat for commercial working environments or garages. There are two models available of the Advantage; the IR2 (1300W) and the IR3 (1950W). The IR2 has a power wattage of 1300. The IR3 is larger in size and has a power wattage of 1950. The wall-mounted units are designed for spaces with walls giving adequate clearance from the ground (2.3 – 2.5m) and from the ceiling above (minimum 0.3m).

Herschel Advantage IR Table

The Herschel Advantage IR 1300/1950 must be located in a position to allow proper and efficient use but one that ensures hot parts are not touched accidentally. The heating elements reach very high temperatures without visible signs of the unit being on. Because Advantage IR2 & IR3 are not fitted with a protective grill, the heaters are not for domestic or household use. The heaters must not be used or installed in any commercial premises where there is a risk of damage to the ceramic elements.

Infrared heaters are ideal for industrial and commercial purposes; they require virtually no maintenance, no safety inspections, and emit no exhaust emissions. They operate silently and can be focused to point heat at areas and objects exactly, without wastage of energy. With a warm-up time of under 5 minutes, anyone working in an environment with the Advantage will feel the heat almost immediately. Without extensive preheating time this will subsequently lower your running costs and energy usage. This will increase the efficiency of your business or workshop.

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IR2 1300W Black, IR2 1300W White/Silver, IR3 1950W Black, IR3 1950W White/Silver