Herschel Inspire Mirror Panel

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Beautiful Non-Condensating Mirror Panel Heater

ESG Mirror Safety Glass | 7  Sizes & Power Outputs

Highly Energy Efficient | 10 Years Warranty | IP54

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The Herschel Inspire Mirror Panel combines elegant design with optimum safety and energy efficiency. This product is ideal as an infrared bathroom heater because it can be placed in humid areas and is IP 54 rated.

Herschel Inspire Mirror Panel needs to be wall-mounted and installed by a qualified electrician. They must be controlled with our Herschel IQ controllers and there are a number of options (sold separately) to choose between. The panels are directly wired either to our MD2 hard-wired thermostat or to our R2 receiver. Full APP control is available with both options.

The infrared heating process heat objects in the room rather than the air itself. This helps keep walls and furniture in humid areas dry and free of mould. Walls that are already moist and prone to mould will swiftly dry out and the mould will not return.

They are an elegant space-saving heating solution designed to complement any environment. Especially suitable for domestic and office wall-mounted installations.

Herschel Inspire Mirror Table

Herschel Far Infrared panels offer owners’ a high level of control over their property’s temperature and energy use. By using Smart Controls and zoning, infrared heating panels can save between 30% – 60% compared to traditional solutions such as oil, LPG and other electrical solutions.

All units are manufactured in Germany and made with Mirror Safety Glass.

Best used as an infrared bathroom heater, a public restroom heater, and a spa & wellbeing heater.

Click HERE for the Technical Data Sheet for the Inspire Mirror Heater!
Click HERE for the Inspire Mirror Heater Installation manual!

NOTES TO DATA SHEET:  The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well-insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M. If room heights are greater or there are other building factors to consider then please contact us directly so that a more detailed assessment can be carried out.

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SH-200 / 60 X 30 CM / 250W, SH-300 / 90 X 30 CM / 350W, SH-400 / 60 X 60 CM / 420W, SH-500 / 80 X 60 CM / 550W, SH-750 / 90 X 70 CM / 750W, SH-900 / 100 X 80 CM / 900W, SH-1200L / 160 X 60 CM / 1250W

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