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What size Infrared Heater do I need?

Our simple infrared heater calculator provides useful information about the power required to heat a given room and will help you choose what size infrared heater you need.

The power required to heat the room is measured in Watts, all heaters have a nominated Wattage output noted as kW ( kilowatts), 1 kW = 1000 Watts. Match a heater or combination of heaters to the wattage required per room to estimate what you need to buy/specify to heat a given room.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the infrared heater calculator measured in watts!

The Infrared Heater Calculator has 4  “house types” to select from:

  1. Pre 1950’s
  2. 1950’s onwards
  3. New Build
  4. Conservatory

Enter the size values into the “room length” and “room width” boxes, the infrared heater calculator assumes that all ceiling heights are 2.5 metres.

Examples of the Infrared Heater Calculator results: 

In this example we have  a room size: 4m x 4m ( 13′ x 13′) and we are looking to specify Infrared Heating Panels

infrared panel heater | room heating calculator

infrared panel heater fitted to ceiling

House Types:

Pre- 1950’s  = 1200 watts/ 1.2 kW   Heaters required =  2 No. IHP 640W panel heaters @ £273 = £546 (1280 watts)

1950’s onwards = 1008 watts / 1.08 k  Heaters required =  1 No. IHP 640W @ £273  + 1 No. IHP 480W @ £229  = £502 (1120 watts)

New Build = 800 watts / 0.8 kW  Heaters required =  2 No. IHP 480W @ £229  = £  458  (960 watts)

Conservatory = 1600 watts / 1.6m  Heaters required =  5  No. IHP 320 W (feature window heaters) @ £ 189  = £ 945 (1600 watts)

The are many variables to take into account to exactly determine the size and number of  infrared heaters required; therefore our room heating calculator is offered as guide and is not a substitute for detailed heat loss calculations.

For more information on what infrared heaters you need

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices to discuss your project and your specific needs so we can assist in the correct specification of infrared heaters for individual rooms or indeed for a whole building.

Infrared Heater Calculator

Once  you have your wattage CLICK HERE to chose the relevant Infrared Heating Panel on our website