Tradewinds ALUZONE 1.9m Square Parasol

  • Aluminium frame with high grade wooden hub
  • 1.9m square, 4 struts and a 38mm pole
  • Resistant stainless steel parasol fittings
  • Bracket system for easy changing of parts
  • Comes with 2 years Tradewinds warranty
  • Price inc. VAT & Mainland UK Delivery




This Tradewinds ALUZONE 1.9m Square parasol is a beautiful centre post garden parasol. A premium grade aluminium parasol, designed for commercial use, aluminium frame and high grade eucalyptus wood hub. All ALUZONE Parasol fittings are stainless steel, ensuring they are corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and tarnish resistant. Included is a bracket system for easy changing of parts & a Parasol cover bag. The Tradewinds ALUZONE 1.9m Square Parasol comes with 2 years Tradewinds warranty. The minimum base size required for this parasol is 25kg.

• 1.9m – Square – 38MM Pole, 4 Struts. Minimum base size required 25kg.

Suitable Bases

Tradewinds Concrete Parasol Base

Tradewinds Base Plate 38MM

Tradewinds Inground Base 38mm.


Colours  Ecru | Black | Green | Navy | Taupe | Red | Orange | Yellow | Cerise| Pink | Lilac | Charcoal | Royal Blue  | Turquoise | Lime | White| Beige | Khaki | Olive | Peridot | Sea Sand | Grey Ice

Printing is available with no minimum order quantity.

Spare Parts & Replacement canopies always available

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Ecru, Black, Green, Navy, Taupe, Red, Orange, Yellow, Cerise, Pink, Lilac, Charcoal, Royal Blue , Turquoise, Lime, White, Beige, Khaki, Olive, Peridot, Sea Sand, Grey Ice

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