Jigsaw Infrared PREMIUM Aluminium Heater

  • Simple installation
  • UK certification & manufacture – quality components, manufacturing and robust quality control. Combined with extensive UK certification, done in the UK.
  • Sensible wattages – we manufacture in 400W, 800W & 1200W meaning you’ll use less heaters to heat spaces.
  • Sensible dimensions – designed for simple wall or ceiling mounting without taking up a large amount of space.
  • Suspended Ceiling Installation – our 400W and 800W heaters are designed to slot perfectly into suspended ceilings
  • 10 year warranty





The Jigsaw Infrared PREMIUM Aluminium Heater is manufactured in Jigsaw Infrareds’ own UK based factory.

Fully certified in the UK.

Jigsaw Infrared manufacture quality aluminium infrared heaters at competitive prices.

These aluminium Infrared heaters are frameless, with simple, elegant lines enhancing the quality.

The Jigsaw Infrared PREMIUM Aluminium Heater is made from robust aluminium to create a substantial heater that remains lightweight.

The heaters can be either ceiling or wall mounted with our simple and elegant mounting system.



Heats m2*


400W 595mm x 595mm 5-8 £489
800W 595mm x 1195mm 10-18 £774
1200W 600mm x 1600mm 16-28 £936

*Depending on the insulation of the property

Jigsaws’ range of Aluminium Infrared Heaters are all built and certified in the UK to the highest standard. Available in three sizes/wattages to suit any room. Some rooms might only require one heater. Larger areas could require more for even heating. They provide warm and clean heating. No stuffy air feeling like normal radiators. They are 100% efficient and warm up in minutes. They are supplied ready to provide energy-efficient heating to your home with the easy bracket system. Install them in minutes and connect them to the Infrared Heating Control System. Easy to use and both wall and ceiling mountable. You have the choice to fit your infrared heaters yourself or let Heat my Space plan and install your perfect infrared heating system. Call us Now on 01590 615 715 to arrange a survey and installation.

Certified in the UK to the following standards:

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Add a thermostat to fully control the power of the heater. See our Controls page for information.


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