HMS IR Power Heater

  • Energy-efficient Power IR heater for indoor/outdoor use
  • No visible light given off
  • Four different power models
  • IP55 -suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • DELIVERY INCLUDED / Black is stock product

Wattage Options

  • 1500W = 110cm x 20.1cm x 5.8cm
  • 1800W = 125cm x 20.1cm x 5.8cm
  • 2400W = 155cm x 20.1cm x 5.8cm
  • 3200W = 195cm x 20.1cm x 5.8cm

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HMS IR Power Heater

If you’re looking to efficiently heat a large open indoor area, or sheltered outdoor area then we’ve got the solution for you. Italian design and innovation combine to provide efficient infrared heating suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Our HMS IR Power Heater is a far-infrared heater with modern lines, Italian design and EU build quality. Perfect for any environment characterised by elegance and innovation. We have four different versions available for any indoor solution or sheltered outdoor solution and a set of control accessories for any type of installation. Available in either Ebony or Silver, the anodised aluminium body guarantees efficient infrared heating whilst the external finish provides a unique identity and elegance. The Ebony/Black version is our usual stock product.

Italian designed and manufactured, the HMS IR Power Heater range of electric infrared heaters give you the performance and build quality that you’d expect.  Heats sheltered outdoor spaces, large open indoor spaces, conservatories and bathrooms efficiently using far infrared heating technology. These electric wall-mounted heaters are designed so that no visible light is produced.

HMS IR Power Heater infrared heaters provide:

Simple, elegant clean line Italian design
No visible light output
Perfect heating for indoor and wind-protected outdoor spaces in a domestic or a commercial environment (e.g. alfresco dining areas)

Where can these infrared heaters be installed?

Heating Commercial Areas

If you are scratching your head wondering how to heat an area such as a retail outlet, reception space, showroom, foyer, waiting area, community hall, restaurant,covered market, or a new office space in a converted building etc then the HMS power heater is the sensible choice if you want a zero light electric heating system. Arrange the heating in zones, with thermostat control, and even variable heat output with dimming to make your electric heating system as efficient as possible. Suspend the heaters from the ceiling or wall mount.

Conservatory Heating

A cold conservatory is an unused conservatory.  Our  IR Power Heater infrared heaters are perfect for heating conservatories. With the Italian design and elegance, a comfortable warmth is created exactly where you need it, quickly and efficiently with our electric wall mounted heaters.

Heating Wind Sheltered Patios

Why cut short an enjoyable evening because the temperature got too cold? Why huddle around a gas heater that is trying to heat the night sky?

Our HMS IR Power Heaters mean you can enjoy your outdoor spaces in comfort for longer. Unfortunately, UK temperatures mean we do need heat outside to make the most of the Spring and Summer evenings. Our patio heaters fill your space with comfortable heat which directly heats you, not the sky, so you can continue to enjoy that al fresco evening with friends or loved ones.

Heating Bathroom and Spas or Around Swimming Pools

When we think of being comfortable we think of being pleasantly warm and relaxed. It’s difficult to relax in cold spaces and who wants to linger in a cold bathroom??

Our bathroom and patio heaters create a comfortable warmth that invites you to relax, just lean back and enjoy the ambience. No red light to distract you, just comfortable and relaxing far-infrared heat.

Heating Wind Protected Alfresco Dining Areas Restaurants & Cafes

Guests want to enjoy a comfortable outdoor ambience, relax, kick back and enjoy their downtime.

Making your guests comfortable in an outdoor space will increase the time they spend there, to enjoy their meal and fine wines. Our Jigsaw IR Power Heater infrared heaters provide these comfort levels and extend the hours that guests want to use the outdoor spaces. So guests’ can enjoy your outside space from Spring right through until the end of Autumn.

With no visible light (unlike other patio heaters) our infrared heaters will not interfere with your guest’s enjoyment of your facilities.

Power IR Heaters with dimmer

The dimmer option gives the user controllability to adjust the heat to the desired temperature of your choice.

Contact Us

We offer our customers a free heating design service to assist in heater layouts for your building or outdoor areas. We can arrange installation through Jigsaws’ Installation Service. Contact us or phone 01590 615715. 

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Ebony, Silver


1500W, 1800W, 2400W, 3200W, 1500W with dimmer, 1800W with dimmer, 2400W with dimmer, 3200W with dimmer

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