Danlers Timer Switch

Time Lag: Adjustable from 2 to 20 minutes
Supply Voltage: 230VAC
Weatherproof: IP66 rating
Maximum Load: 16 amps (4.0kW) of quartz heaters.
Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 60mm




The Danlers timer Switch, IP66, is ideal for energy saving control of exterior heaters and exterior lighting.  Suitable for fitting in damp interior areas. Press the touch sensitive LED to connect the load, when the time lag elapses the load automatically switches off. The Danlers timer switch (EXTLSW16A) is a top quality push button unit with illuminated touch area for easy location in the dark. Tough, hard wearing, with an IP66 rated polycarbonate moulding. It is perfect for robust day to day commercial use.

Maximum Load: 16 amps (4000W) of quartz heaters. 12 amps (3000W) of fluorescent. 2 amps (500W) of most metal halide lamps. Connect a Quartz outdoor heater such as the Tansun Sorrento to a Danlers exterior Time Lag Switch.

Always instal the Danlers timer switch correctly to achieve the IP66 rating.

Operation of the Danlers timer switch

The switch incorporates an illuminated ‘Touch Here’ push button which remains lit until pressed. Once pressed the unit will switch on the connected load.

The LED flashes during the last 20 seconds of the time lag period.  The load will switch off  if the ‘Touch Here’ area is not touched during the flashing period.

The timer period restarts by touching the ‘Touch Here’ area. The load will NOT be switched on permanently by an object being placed over the ‘Touch Here’ area.

Adjust the time lag, 2 – 20 minutes, via an internal adjuster. An option to our stocked unit is the EXTLSW 16 A 10H unit which will adjust from 1 to 10 hours – please send an e mail to request this here.  The mains powered switch requires a Neutral connection. The unit switches the mains through to the load.


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