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Heated Bathroom Mirror

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Combine heating with a mirror in your bathroom with a Herschel Infrared heated bathroom mirror. Available in 10 sizes (Herschel Inspire, 7 & Herschel Select XL, 3) and power ratings this piece of super efficient equipment would blend into any home, from a studio apartment to a grand mansion. Built with mirror safety glass and suitable for humid areas Herschel infrared mirror heaters do not suffer from condensation! The IR heat warms objects in the bathroom such as; walls, glass, and fittings. Therefore driving away moisture, damp and mould.

Heated Mirror in Hallway, Kitchen, Living Room or Bedroom: The beautiful mirror panel heaters are also suitable for use in the kitchen, hallway, living room and bedroom.
Stainless Steel Towel Rail on Heated Bathroom Mirror: The Select XL Mirror panel is available fitted with 1 or 2 attractive stainless steel towel rail/s.
Link infrared electric panel heaters in the home or residential development with Smart Controls and Zoning, maximising efficiency to meet with the green Lot 20 legislation.

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