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Warehouse & Factory Heating

The Warehouse & Factory heaters listed below have been specially selected from our collection that are ideally suited to Warehouse and Factory type environments. At Heat My Space we understand that a Factory doesn’t just consist of one manufacturing space, but individual corridors, bathrooms, offices, workshops, packing stations and kitchens/dining halls. For example the Herschel Panel Heaters listed are optimal for bathrooms and corridors, whilst the Space Heaters such as the Herschel Pulsar/ Tansun Apollo & Tansun Apollo Recess are optimal for main manufacturing and storage spaces, and the Herschel Aspect for packing rooms. Additionally, we have provided a Spot Heater, the Tansun Spot Heater for uses such as drying, and emergency and spot heating.

Our Warehouse & Factory Heating offers the ultimate effective and energy efficient solution to heating large ‘hard to heat areas‘ which would normally cost thousands to run with standard convection heating with very little / no effect. With on average 5 minutes pre-heating time and a infrared heating technology that heats objects and people rather than the air, our heaters can be combined with our Smart & Simple Controls to turn your heaters on and off exactly when required and for pre-determined times to ensure no energy is wasted.

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