Commercial & Industrial Heating

Infrared Heaters for Effective, Economical & Clean Heating

Infrared Heating for your Commercial & Industrial Building

Commercial & Industrial heaters are ideal for heating large spaces such as warehouses or retail units and are the perfect replacement for traditional gas or air circulated heating systems.

Infrared radiant heating can achieve cost and energy savings because you can heat the precise areas that require warmth. Controls can heat individual heaters throughout a large space depending on which workstations are being used. Therefore saving energy and providing cost savings.

Traditional convection heating heats all of the air in a unit, whereas using heat controls and Zoning means you can heat defined areas that are most used.

Heat my Space have different heaters for various commercial & industrial heating uses. From heating individual workstations or workbenches to large space heaters. We also offer heaters for plaster drying and for flood-affected areas.

Ideal for warehouses, garages & workshops and site heaters. Also for commercial use such as large retail areas such as shopping centres, yoga studios or leisure facilities.


To discuss how to incorporate this product into your commercial & industrial building  Contact Us or phone 01590 615715. We offer our customers a free heating design service for your building and can arrange installation

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