Infresco Variable Heater Controllers

  • Soft Start – up to 30% extended life of Lamp
  • Variable Control – Ability to find comfort level (10 levels)
  • Simple Installation – Ability to plug directly in 13A Plug ( max 3kW load)
  • Energy Saving – Automated system. (Only heat when required)
  • Temperature Monitoring – If ambient temperature is above pre-set the Infresco unit remains switched off  (Optional temperature monitor)
  • PIR control – heaters switch on with movement above a set temperature (Optional PIR monitor)
  • Remote Control handset (optional) for use with Remote Control models



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Infresco Variable Heater Controllers, with IP 65 rating have been designed to offer a complete control solution to your outdoor heating area with people comfort and energy saving being the focal points. It has been designed specifically to work with infrared heaters (e.g. garden heating and lighting), or any application where high in-rush current is an issue (e.g. using its soft start feature) with a maximum ratings of 4kW  and  6kW. The controllers have ten variable incremental settings, allowing you to find the optimum comfort level in your specific area. With the optional energy saving features, once the controller is switched on and set, it will automatically manage the heating system.

The optional temperature sensor monitors the ambient temperature only allowing the heaters to switch on once the temperature has dropped below the set point.

An optional Passive InfraRed sensor (PIR) will detect the movement required for the heater to switch on but only when needed saving energy.

With the addition of a ‘soft-start’ function the Infresco variable heater controller gradually switches the heater load on, which can add up to an additional 30% life to your heater lamps and making installation easier.

An optional remote control handset (for Remote Control version)  allows remote variable power adjustment and switch off.

Infresco Variable Heater Controllers Models:
  •  4Kw Infresco IR Power Regulator – Manual Control Version 
  • 4Kw Infresco IR Power Regulator –  Remote Control Version
  • 6kW Infresco IR Power Regulator – Manual Control Version
  • 6kW Infresco IR Power Regulator – Remote control Version
Infresco Variable Heater Controllers Feature:
  • Soft-Start – up to 30% extended lamp life. •
  • Variable Control – allows the user to find the perfect comfort level. •
  • Simple Installation – able to be connected directly with a 13A plug, up to a 3kW load. •
  • Energy Saving – automated system, only heating when required. •
  • Temperature Monitoring – if the ambient is above the pre-set temperature then the controller remains switched off.

Technical Data sheets here:

4kW VR  technical data sheet

6kW Manual technical data sheet

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