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HVAC – the acronym for Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning .  HVAC stands for the technology of achieving environmental comfort by way of  Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning.

HeatMySpace for New products, New thinking. Improve your home environment with HeatMySpace.

HeatMySpace for Infrared Heating  22nd February 2018


Ceiling Mounted or Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Short on space ? Heating a small room, hallway, home office? Think about the advantages of ceiling mounted infrared white electric panel heaters. The heater will bathe the whole room in heat very efficiently, no pre -heating time waiting for the central heating to kick in. The days of night storage heaters… lots of heat in the morning but in the evening … no heat left, such memories will become a forgotten disappointment.  Is your Conservatory or Bay Window always cold ? Fit a plug in  wall mounted low height infrared panel heater and keep your favourite area nice and cosy. Smart plugs will soon be available on our site  so you can switch on the heater with your Smart phone.

Inspire White Conservatory- Slimline Sizes- 90 x 30cm Made for Conservatories. HVAC product.

Inspire White Conservatory– Slimline Sizes- 90 x 30cm/170 x 40 Made for Conservatories

HeatMySpace for Infrared Heating   19th February 2018


HeatMySpace is building a range of good quality products to help homeowners save energy, and improve their environment.  HVAC elements include Infrared Heating & Smart Control; Ventilation designed to ensure that moisture laden air is removed and clean purified air  is brought in; Air conditioning using small scale in room air purifiers to remove unwanted particles from air in the home.  We are getting bombarded by information regarding what is  bad for  us – our business and this blog will provide the antidote ( well at least a small dose).

Infrared Heating – this is how we started our website –  and infrared heating panels are here to stay. Infrared panel heaters  are a  modern clean and highly controllable way to heat many spaces – Urban new builds, home offices, roof extensions, and garage conversions. The versatility of the Infrared panel heater is that it can be fitted to wall or ceiling. Ceiling fitted infrared heaters are an absolute no brainer in offices. No more wasted and very expensive wall space being used up by a radiator. Infrared ceiling panels fit into suspended ceilings, they can be controlled though programmers or PIR.

Infrared White Panel Heater. HVAC product.

Ceiling recessed Herschel Select XL White Infrared Panel Heater. HVAC product

Ceiling recessed Herschel Select XL White Infrared Panel Heater