Vortex 2.8m Square Gazebo

  • Beautifully designed Gazebo
  • Versatile Canopy made in the UK
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • 4 legs with bolt down base plates
  • Simple installation
  • 365 day all year use 
  • White Satin is the standard stock item
  • Select from 52 colours made to order. Find here: Stam 6002 & Satin 502.
  • Add Gutters to join Gazebos
  • Also available as canopy only


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This is the latest Vortex design and we are confident it will prove to be very successful. The Vortex 2.8m Square Gazebo is an elegant rain and shade solution, it simply oozes quality and style. The Vortex Gazebo is strong, able to withstand all but the fiercest storm conditions, and without all the complexity, cost required for a permanent structure. The Vortex Gazebo is perfect for the special occasions that many commercial hospitality businesses and private organisers cater for such as weddings,  anniversary parties, sporting & music events, alfresco dining etc. The Gazebos may be inter connected with gutters, and be fitted  with colour matched side panels with windows, creating an enclosed weather proof space. Absolutely ideal for alfresco dining  in the UK where a perfect summers day can mutate into a rain sodden disaster – not so with the Vortex gazebo.

The Vortex 2.8m Square Gazebo is also an excellent canopy for Hot Tub installations.

Where standard pop-up gazebos aren’t strong enough to withstand use for extended periods of time, the Vortex Gazebo is the ideal solution for season long use. These can be used very succesfully at historic buildings, estates and similar visitor attractions for  UK wide businesses and organisations.

The canopy is constructed from the world class Serge Ferrari PVC fabrics – Ferrari 502 Satin & Stam 6002. The 502 satin has a smooth finish, whilst the Stam 6002 has a slightly embossed surface. White 502 satin is our stock canopy. The 40 colours in 502 Satin & 12 colours Stam 6002 are made to order with a 4 week lead-time. See details below: ‘Chose Custom Colours’.

Parasols with printing can be ordered with no minimum order quantity.

The Vortex 2.84.m Square Gazebo has been built to meet commercial requirements – as a ‘put up and forget’ solution. Providing shelter in the winter months & shade with UV protection in the summer. Select ‘Accessories’ to add-on lighting & electric infrared heating to ensure this Gazebo enables 365 all year use. The Vortex Gazebo requires minimal maintenance.


The Vortex Gazebo is connected to the ground via base plates on each leg. When fitting Light & Heating accessories to the Vortex thought must be given to the provision of an underground power supply which should be routed into one of the Gazebo legs. from below ground level.


Lights & heating: Select Vortex Solamagic Heaters & Lights Bundle bundles to turn your Gazebo into a 365 day rain & shade solution! The Solamagic heaters emit shortwave infrared which provides a consistent heat unaffected by wind. The bundles include the equipment to mount the heaters & lights to the gazebo canopy frame. We also have individual heaters & components available for you to build your own add-on list.

Gutter Sections: Interconnect adjacent Vortex gazebo’s with gutter sections to increase your seamless covered area. Velcro fixing. Gutter sections must be ordered with your Vortex parasol as factory fitting of the velcro fastenings is essential.

Side Sheets: Enclose your Vortex Gazebo or group of gazebo’s with side sheets. Side sheets are colour matched to your gazebo, each made with a  clear pvc window section. Side sheets are available in standard or long lengths (for Freestanding Bases/Extended Poles). Side Sheet Infill are available to fully enclose gazebo’s connected by a gutter. When ordering side sheets as a one off order a 25% surcharge will apply to prices noted.

Fabric Colours: Made to order, 4 weeks lead time. Choose your preferred colour from colours charts of the two fabric choices. Both 502 Satin and Stam 6002 are recyclable, waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant and dirt resistant. The Satin fabric 502 colour chart can be found by clicking here (40 colours, 570 g/m2, PVC, satin finish, high end look, 10 years warranty). The Stam fabric 6002 colour chart can be found by clicking here (20 colours, 630 g/m2, PVC, matt & embossed contemporary natural look, 5 years warranty)

Customisation: We are able to make ‘Frame Modifications’ to the heights of the legs – up to 500mm longer. ‘Coloured frames’ can also be ordered – we can powder coat Gazebo frames to any RAL colour. Please get in contact if you wish to make these modifications. Don’t worry, we can help if you are unsure!

Lead time on the Vortex 2.8m Square Gazebo: White 502 Satin fabric is normally in stock. Colour options and Stam 6002 fabric canopies are made to order with usually a 4 week lead time i.e from the date of confirmed paid order.

Delivery of the Vortex 2.8m Square Gazebo: Delivery is free to commercial premises on mainland UK. Please note the Vortex Gazebo is large and heavy. The courier must have assistance from at least 2 able bodied strong adults at the point of delivery. Where assistance is not available or access is restricted  and a second delivery attempt is required then a surcharge will be chargeable. See our delivery terms.


  • Tensile Fabric Commercial quality gazebo
  • Designed in the UK
  • Craftsman built in the UK
  • Achieved BS EN 13782:2005 Windspeed >100kmh
  • Marine 316 Grade  Stainless Steel Frame
  • World Class Serge Ferrari PVC Fabric Canopy

”Our restaurant patio area needed shade and shelter in order to extend our eating area – two vortex gazebos with a joining gutter covered our whole area – we are delighted!


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