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Tansun Double Sorrentos (2 x 3kW) + PIR or Time Lag

£828.00£845.00 inc. Vat

  • Prices Include VAT & UK Mainland Delivery
  • Tansun Sorrento Double & Control Package
  • 2 X Double Tansun Sorrento 3kW Quartz Heaters
  • <50m sq Heat Coverage | 2 Year Warranty (ex Lamps)
  • 1 X Infresco P 6kW Passive Infrared Controller
  • PIR Sensor & Pre-Set Ambient Temp (5-25°C)


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The Tansun Sorrento Double heaters plus PIR controller package is ideal for any commercial setting. Pub gardens, outside restaurant dining areas, club smoking zones, cafes and public services locations such as waiting and reception areas.  The package includes an Infresco 6kW PIR sensor which turns the heaters on  when people are in the range of the sensor. The PIR sensor has smart software to maximise the energy efficency of the heaters. Minimising wasted heat and running costs.  See below to change PIR controller for Time Lag switch.

This package comes with 2 x Tansun Sorrento Double Heaters (3kW each) plus PIR controller. Each heater comprises 2 x 1.5kW shortwave quartz lamps, total power per heater 3kW plus 1 x Infresco P 6kW – Passive Infrared (PIR) Controller. 

Lightweight shortwave quartz heaters -Robust and weatherproof IP24, the Sorrento is the No.1 UK best selling commercial heater. Quartz lamps provide instanaeous and powerful warmth for hard-to-heat large spaces. Shortwave infrared waves are unaffected by wind, therefore provide a consistent heat flow even outdoors.

• Tansun Sorrento Double Dimensions: 790 mm Long x  227 mm High x 112 mm Deep. Bracket mounting to wall.


This Tansun Sorrento Double heaters plus PIR package includes the IP65 Infresco P 6kW – Passive Infrared Controller. The built in PIR sensor, switches heaters on when it detects a person is present. Plus a temperature sensor monitors the outside ambient temperature and stops the lamps working when the temperature exceeds a pre-determined set point (between 5°C and 25°C).  The microcontroller-based unit incorporates zero-voltage switching and a soft-start function to eliminate the lamps’ initial high inrush current – potentially increasing lamp life by as much as 30%. The lamps are switched on for a user- settable time period of between 1 and 60 minutes. This period is reset each time the PIR detects any further movement. Installation of the unit is simple and once installed is maintenance free.

Visitors to this page may wonder where to use the Heat My Space Tansun Sorrento Heaters plus PIR controller package and what makes this a great deal.  Firstly this is a very competitive price, which includes VAT and delivery. Secondly if you are seriously considering outside heaters and you have an area approximately  7 – 10 metres long and 4 – 5 metres deep with tables for guests or a standing area then this package will be ideal.

These heaters will attract customers to your venue and keep them there longer.

Alternative Control Option

Swap controller to Tansun IP Time Lag Switch (Push Button Timer) option. Note it is possible to swap the PIR controller for a push button time lag switch (Infresco T-6kW Push Button Timer). The 6kW time lag is a push button, illuminated switch which switches on the heaters for a predetermined time period of 1-30 minutes. To chose time lag switch, select Push Button Timer from the drop down menu. There is an additional cost of £16.80.


See HERE for the full Sorrento Brochure!
Click here for the Infresco P 6kW – Passive Infrared Controller Manual!
Click here for the Infresco T-6kW Push Button Timer User Manual!

Tansun Sorrento Infrared Heaters

Voltage: 230 v
Body Dimensions (mm): Double 790 x 227 x 323
Minimum Mounting Floor Height: Double 3kW 3m
Min Distance from Ceiling: Double 0.5m
Min Distance from Side Wall: Double 1m
Actual weight of Product: Double 5.6kg
Warranty: 2 Years

Infresco P 6kW PIR Controller

Supply Voltage: 230VAC +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Switching Capacity: 6kW Max
Detection Range: 5 metres
Detection Angle: 100°
Temperature Set Point: 5°C to 25°C
Lamp On-Time: 1 to 60 Minutes
Current Consumption (control circuit): 20mA
Terminals: 6.0mm2 Rising Clamp
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 40°C
Protection Rating: IP65
Gland Diameter: Max Cable Entry 2.5mm2
Enclosure Dimensions: 130x130x75

Infresco T-6kW Push Button Timer

Supply Voltage: 230VAC +/- 10% 50/ 60 Hz
Switching Capacity: 6kW Max
Lamp On-Time: 1 to 60 minutes
Current Consumption (control circuit): 20mA
Terminals: 6.0mm2 Rising Clamp
Operating Temperature: -20 to 40°C
Protection Rating: IP65
Gland Diameter: Max Cable Entry 2.5mm2
Enclosure Dimensions (W x L x H): 130x130x75 (mm)

Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 790 × 227 × 323 cm

PIR Controller, Push Button Timer (+£16.80)


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