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Mirrorstone Classic Infrared White Panel Heater


Infrared Heating is 100% Natural, Safe, Highly Efficient and Co2 Free.

Simple To Fix To Wall or Ceiling

No Maintenance Costs Just Wipe Clean With A Damp Cloth

Surface Temperature of 115°C, Ensuring An Optimum Comfort Level.

Integrate Well with Interior Decor & Silent Operation

For Smart & Simple Controls Click Here



Infrared white panel from Mirrorstone is the ” Classic “. A framed panel which comes in 6 power ratings and sizes. The panels are only 22mm deep, simple to install and can be fitted to the wall or ceiling. Black & Silver frames are available, at no extra cost.

Specifications & Dimensions

These panels have all the great benefits of infrared, simple to fit, plug or wire in, available with simple or smart controls, very affordable, with 5 year warranty, and in stock for immediate delivery.

Hidden in plain sight – fit your infrared white panel to the ceiling (subject to correct electrical installation) and your heating source will be almost unnoticeable, and leaves all the wall space free for furniture or allows a big object free area. Ideal for kitchens, playrooms, gym & dance studios.

Use the 200W 60 x 30 cm  infrared white panel heater for Heating your Pets.

This compact heater at 200W is ideal for setting up above your pets sleeping area, especially for those pets who live in Stables, Workrooms, Garage, Studio, Garden Rooms etc.  This heater is a great size for keeping litters of Kittens & Puppies warm as there is no all night glare from a lamp. The photo below demonstrates the compact size.

Mirrorstone 600 x 300 200Watt Infrared White Panel Heater

Use the Infrared White Panel Heater for Office Suspended Ceilings

The 360W 59.5 x 59.5 CM model will fit seamlessly into a standard suspended ceiling slot. Revamp offices with infrared panels in the ceiling. Each heater will heat an area of 5 – 6 sq m so to heat an office 6m (20ft) x 6m (20ft) = 36 sqm you will need approximately 6 heaters (depending on insulation/type of  windows/construction etc).

Example: 6 Heater Cost £ 561.60 + 112.32 VAT= £ 673.92 combine with smart thermostat controls and the office heating will become very efficient. Switching on when staff arrive to instantly heat the space, switching on/off during the day via the thermostat, and off at the end of the working day. No wasted electricity or power.

Save £££’s on your office heating, totally Green & Sustainable if your have Solar or Wind Turbine Electricity generation.

The 720W 59.5 x 119.5 model @ £ 184.42 (inc VAT) will fit a double suspended ceiling slot.

Suspended ceiling infrared white panel heater from Heat My Space

The no-nonsense infrared white panel is ideal as a back up for existing heating, use in work rooms, spare rooms, the loft, bathroom, garage, shed, Man & She Cave, stable, kennel, office, corridor, the list goes on and on.

MIRRORSTONE infrared white panel heater in kitchen/diner from Heat My Space

In stock and ready for Immediate despatch

Free Delivery

The Infrared White Panel can be used as a complete heating system for homes, and commercial premises. Use our wattage calculator to work out which heaters and how many panel heaters you require for each room/space. We have stock ready for immediate depsatch.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

200W / 600 X 300 MM, 360W / 595 X 595 MM, 600W / 600 X 1000 MM, 720W / 595 X 1195 MM, 960W / 800 X 1200 MM, 1200W / 1000 X 1200 MM

Frame Colour

White, Black, Silver


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