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Herschel iQ T2 Wireless Thermostat (Single Zone Control) & R2 Pack

Herschel iQ Single Zone heater control pack

Herschel iQ Single Zone heater control pack

The Herschel iQ T2 Controller System and R2 receiver have been manufactured with the latest wireless & WiFi technology to turn your new Herschel infrared heaters into a cutting edge, energy-saving heating system! Herschels’ novel combination of stylish and efficient heaters with a comprehensive, flexible and cost effective control system is unique to the market.

Conventional convection heating cannot be zone controlled, as an average temperature will be set and heated air will disperse uncontrollably. The benefit of the iQ system is that each heater has its own thermostat, therefore can be independently controlled. Any room can be any temperature, or not heated at all. For example: the lounge and bedroom heaters could be turned on but as the dining room won’t be used it can be kept off. Within this, the bedroom could be set at 20 degrees and the lounge at 23 degrees. Energy is only used when the Herschel panel is switched on. 

Herschel heaters can be linked together to form a zone. For example 2 or more heaters in one room, or even two separate zones in one large room. Then each zone can be controlled by a separate Herschel thermostat connected to the heaters within that zone. Just think how much energy and money you can save each year from ceasing to run a central boiler just to heat 1 or 2 rooms.

Do not worry, the Herschel IQ T2 controller and R2 receivers are simple to operate & easy to install!  This is Herschel’s simple starter control kit for heating a room or a single ‘zone’. Comprising a Herschel iQ T2 battery powered Wireless Thermostat and an iQ R2 Wireless Receiver. This pack will control up to 2kW (on 230V) Herschel Infrared panels on one electrical circuit. This pack is extendable by purchase of additional R2 receivers to control more panels on other circuits (all receiving the same instructions from the T2).


The Herschel iQ T2 controller Wireless Thermostat Pack Features:
The iQ R2 Wireless Receiver Capabilities:

To add a second room to your house under the same T2 controller, you can purchase an additional R2 receiver and pair it with the T2 in this pack.

Herschel Infrared heaters together with the iQ Single Zone starter pack are fully compliant with EC Directive 2009/125/EC for Eco design of local space heaters. Get the most from your Herschel heaters by adding the iQ system, starting with just one heater in one room. Add as many devices as you want  over time to get full control of your home’s energy use.  Up to 36 r1 receivers may be added. These can control up to 2kW each or more heaters via relay-switched circuits. See a comprehensive review of the SmartLife App here.

*Note: Herschel iQ controls will only work with Herschel heaters. Attempted use with any other heater brand will invalidate the 12 month warranty.
Note: internet-enabling with the iQ Hub is only available on T1 (Gen 3) and R1 (Gen 3) models, launched November 2018).

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