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Herschel Advantage ThermoDry HT

£1,299.00 inc. Vat

Designed for Emergency & Site & Semi Open-Air Heating

Flood Recovery, Buildings & Finishing Processes

2.6kW | Far Infrared | Steady & Non-Scorching Heat

In-Built Trolley and Handle | 5 Year Guarantee



The Herschel Advantage ThermoDry HT-2600W is designed for emergency and construction applications. These include flood recovery, environment control of buildings and construction finishing processes requiring the application of steady, non-scorching, infrared radiant heat. The unit is also designed for semi open-air venues such as marquees, where it emits steady heat without the fumes commonly expelled by gas blowers commonly used in public events.

The ThermoDry consists of 4 high-emission ceramic heating elements mounted in a directional, reflective unit within a stainless steel chassis. The ThermoDry incorporates a trolley and handle for easy manoeuvring. The surface of the hot ceramic heaters emit infrared heat. It warms the objects and people it touches, without heating the air in between. Once the heater is switched on, the ceramic elements start to warm up and within 6-7 minutes the full operating temperature is achieved. Switch the Thermodry from 100% output to 50% output for efficient use in smaller areas.

Features of the ThermoDry:
  • Far Infrared technology;
  • Rated power of 2.6kW;
  • Grill protected;
  • Element colour white;
  • Stainless steel body;
  • Aluminised steel reflectors;
  • Built-in trolley and handle;
  • 5 years guarantee;
  • Panel size of 750 x 400 x 110mm;
  • Full size including trolley of height 1200 mm, width: 505 mm and depth: 595 mm.


The Herschel Advantage Thermodry is unrivalled in this class of portable, high emission heaters:
  • All energy input is emitted as Radiant Heat and Far Infrared and directed straight into the building. This will increase the drying process and reduce the drying time compared with convection heating. No light is emitted as this is surplus to the drying process;
  • The heat is non-scorching;
  • This is the ONLY heater in its class that you can leave unattended;
  • Power consumption is the lowest in its class;
  • Ceramic emitters are the most reliable emitters on the market. Herschel guarantee the units for 5 years and life-expectancy of emitters can be as long as 10 years. There is also no further annual maintenance.

The ThermoDry is a more cost-effective, reliable and safer option to operate in public places or to leave unattended than any other form of heater in this category.

Note: Always operate the ThermoDry in the upright position, resting securely upon its base and wheels on a level surface.

Click here for Herschel Advantage Thermodry HT-2600W datasheet!

Brand: Herschel
Power: 2.6kW
Ingress Protection: IPX4
Colour: Silver body & element colour white
Panel dimensions: 750 mm height x 400 mm length x 110 mm depth
Height including trolley: 1200 mm
Width including wheels: 505 mm
Depth including wheels: 595 mm
Stand made from 4mm S/S
Grab handle: 25mm
Weight: 37.5 kg
Control: Heaters in 2 zones switched & Timer control for heaters
Frame: stainless steel body
Wavelength range: 2 – 10 μm
Heating up time: 6 – 7 minutes
Elements: 4 x Ceramicx FTE Ceramic Elements
Rated voltage: 230 V
Rated current: 11.3 A
Fuse/circuit breaker rating: 16 A

Additional information

Weight 37.5 kg
Dimensions 400 × 110 × 750 cm


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