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Herschel Advantage IR360 1950

£575.00 inc. Vat

Prices Include VAT & UK Mainland Delivery 

10-15m Sq, 360° Heat Coverage from Far Infrared Waves

Ceiling Workshop Heater for Commercial Applications

1.95Kw Power Producing No Fumes, Emissions or Noise

Mounting Height of 2.3-2.5M | 5 Years Warranty

To Combine with Smart & Simple Controls Click Here

Finance Available for scaled commercial installations – subject to usual formalities



The Herschel Advantage IR360 1950 is an ideal ceiling mounted workshop heater for commercial applications. The heating elements of this ceiling-mounted unit are mounted to give 360° coverage, and are designed for spaces giving adequate clearance. Clearance from the ground (2.3 – 2.5m), from the ceiling above (minimum 0.3m) and from the nearest wall (1.5m). Optimised to produce far greater levels of comfort compared with conventional heating, these low watt-density heaters, have a power input of 1950watts.

Ideal for 2.3 – 2.5m ceiling mounting in workshops, industrial units, corporate and private workshops and garages, and service bays. With 5 years warranty, simple installation and virtually no maintenance the Herschel Advantage IR360 is perfect for most working environments. You can keep staff, work tools and equipment warm throughout the year. Infrared heat will keep warms wall, contributing to reducing and preventing mould and damp. Pair with our Smart & Simple Controls to ensure maximum efficiency of the Herschel Advantage.

There are additional benefits:

– As there are no exhaust emissions there is no requirement for planning
– Silent and without fumes – consequently much healthier;
– Installation is much cheaper than oil or gas alternatives – all you require is electric cable;
– No maintenance once installed;
– You can “focus” the heat exactly to where you want it;
– Infrared heats object and people, not air, therefore there is no movement of dust, pollen and allergens as with convection heat;
– Far Infrared has been shown to have positive effects on metabolism, being the waveband at which water (80% constituent of skin) most effectively absorbs heat, see Comfort Heat.

Space heating can be used anywhere there is a requirement to heat a large volume and where the heaters themselves can be placed well out of reach. Workplaces like workshops, industrial units and warehouses make ideal locations for heaters of this sort.

Click HERE for the full Herschel Advantage IR360 1950 technical datasheet!
Click HERE for the installation manual!

Element: 3 x White glazed ceramic longwave Infrared emitters (3-10 microns)
Body: Stainless Steel body.
Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
Protection: IP20
Warranty: 60 months. Excludes Ceramic Elements 12 Months.
Guarantee: 5 years, excluding Ceramic Elements 12 months
Heated Zone: 10-15m2

The heater will directly warm people and objects within the Heated Zone (note: air movement may reduce area coverage). Within enclosed areas the thermal mass of the building will also be heated within the entire zone.  Dependent upon the property age/type, insulation levels, number of heaters used and running times this will increase the ambient temperatures. For larger commercial projects or where different mounting heights are required we would always recommend Herschel carry out a survey or detailed desktop assessment.



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The heating elements reach very high temperatures without visible signs of the unit being on. The heaters are not for domestic or household use. The heaters must not be used or installed in any commercial premises where they can be accidentally touched or where there is a risk of damage to the ceramic elements.

RoHS compliant
Warranty: 60 months. Excludes Ceramic Elements 12 Months.

UL Element Certifications




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