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Tansun Apollo- Space Heater – 10 Models – 1kW to 18kW

Medium to Large Open Spaces | The ‘Big Space’ Heater

Commercial and Industrial applications | Single & 3 Phase Units

Quartz Shortwave Heating | Up to 132 Square Meters of Coverage

10 Models Available Ranging from 1-18 kW | 2 Years Warranty

Free Desktop Heating Design Service Available

Select a size for details in ‘Additional Info’ | For Smart & Simple Controls Click Here



The Tansun Apollo space heater has been the leading commercial and industrial quartz heater for more than 25 years. This space heater incorporates 10 models which offer unrivalled reliability, and simple installation. Specifically engineered for medium to large, and ‘hard to heat’ buildings, and open spaces such as Churches, Community Halls, Factories and Venues. The available configurations of 1kW to 18kW offer an extremely effective, and energy efficient heating solution. The largest A3F180 model produces a heat footprint of up to 131 sqm, approximately 10m x 13m.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium, this robust heater range is lightweight and incredibly effective. Infrared heating with the Apollo range is absolutely the only way to heat very large spaces, and buildings. The A3C model and above are powered by 3 phase power. High mounting of the space heater units is necessary due the high energy output. Produced using high grade anodised aluminium the smooth parabolic reflectors provide superior consistent reflectivity through 100% of the reflector.

Apollo Space Heater Models

A1A Apollo 23.3m sq heat coverage, available in 1kW or 2kW power configurations. Smaller industrial areas such as independent work stations where one or two people are situated. Generally this is the ideal location for the A1A Apollo.

A1B Apollo 29.0m sq, available in 2kW, 3kW or 4kW. Designed for corner mounting the bracket allows for flexible positioning of the heater.

A1C Apollo 47m sq, available in 3kW, 4.5kW all the way up to 6kW. Comes as standard with a swivel bracket allowing flexibility on installation which in turn offers directional heat where required which makes the Apollo an easy to install flexible heating solution .

A1J Apollo 46.8m sq, available in 2kW, 3kW and 4kW power configurations.  This infrared heater provides unbeatable heat performance due to the 0.8mm thick reflector which effortlessly projects heat forwards.

A1K Apollo 65.5 m sq, available in 3kW, 4.5kW all the way up to 6kW. Designed to stand hours of consistent commercial and industrial use, the A1K is hard wearing, durable and reliable.

A3C Apollo 47m sq, available in 3kW, 4.5kW all the way up to 6kW. 3 phase wiring begins with this model.

A3E Apollo 127.9m sq, available in 6kW, 9kW up to 12kW. This is one of the largest in the Apollo range.

A3F2 Apollo 131.8m sq, 9kW, 13.5kW all the way up to 18kW. Ideal for considerable large floor area with high ceilings. Heat output reaches 15m below the heater.

A3K2 Apollo 65.5m sq, available in 3kW, 4.5kW up to 6kW. This is the 3 phase alternative to the Apollo A1K heater. It is designed to run parallel down the sides of a building. This ensures dual heat coverage from both sides, and consequently emits a pleasant shortwave heat to people and objects within its reach.

A3L2 Apollo 50.7m sq, available in 6kW, 9kW up to 12kW. The powerful Apollo A3L2 space heater helps save energy costs by spot heating targeted zones or work areas. Very high ceilings required.

An Apollo space heater installation should be carefully designed and specified to maximise the benefits and economies which are available from using infrared heating in Big Spaces. For interested customers A Free Desktop Heating Design Service is available for an Apollo space heater installation. We are delighted to guide our customers to find the optimal number of heaters for a perfect heating solution in what are known as ‘difficult to heat areas’. For a recessed version of the Apollo check out the Apollo Recess.

Available in standard colours of black, and cream. Also available in any RAL colours, upon special request.


For detailed information about how this product can be incorporated into your building  contact our offices by e mail or phone 01590 615715. We are able to offer our customers a free heating design service to assist in heater layouts.



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