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IHP Medium Intensity Heater

£382.00£602.00 inc. Vat

Prices Include VAT & UK Mainland Delivery 

Emits Long Wave Infrared – Medium Intensity

Designed for Large Indoor Spaces with High Ceilings

4 Models Available | IP 54 Rated | 5 year warranty 

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Introducing our Medium Intensity heaters, designed for large spaces with high ceilings such as factories, halls, and warehouses. The aesthetically pleasing design is also suitable for offices, retail and hospitality.  We have a range of medium intensity infrared heaters, varying in size and power rating to suit your needs. Medium intensity heaters can economically and effectively heat large high buildings.  The heaters may be used in outdoor areas such as restaurants and patios and offer an effective No Glare alternative to quartz haogen heaters in common use. Our medium intesity heaters come with a 5 year guarantee.

The Medium Intensity heater Range is best suited for ceiling and wall mounting between 3-6 metres. Panel is supplied with an electrical fused plug (with the exception of the HI3200), and angle mounting brackets are supplied. 

IHP Medium Intensity Heater Features

– A large contoured, high emissivity heating plate that efficiently heats object and people rather than the air.
– Constructed with highly conductive, anodised (black) aluminium, this heater has great performance with a slick attractive aesthetics.
– Embedded within the plate, is a metal/ ceramic tubular heating element. The fully encased element is proceed against oxidation thereby ensuring many years of operating life.
– Internal insulation (Rockwool) reduce rear panel energy losses, further enhancing performance.
– Fully adjustable bracket system, allows independent movement thereby eliminating thermal expansion stresses.
– IP 54 rating
– 5 year warranty 

For large open space, fully heated, 100 watts per square metre is recommended. For spot/ zone heating 150 watts is recommended. When buildings are closed and fully insulated, 50 watts per square metre would be sufficient. Additional wattage may be required when heating is used intermittently or when fast warm ups times are required. Lastly, remember that in typical installation, the panels are thermostatically controlled and do not run continuously.

Datasheets & Installation Guides

Click HERE for the Medium Intensity Heater Technical Datasheet!
Click here for the installation guide!

Ingress Protection: IP54
Warranty: 5 year
Constructed with: Highly conductive, anodised (black) aluminium
Bracketry: Fully adjustable bracket system
Voltage: 220-240 V

Surface temperature: 380C

4 models available:
MI1000 / 60 X 18.9 X 6.7 cm / 1000W | 10 m2 heat coverage | Rated current 4.3A | Dimensions 600 x 189 x 67 mm
MI1800 / 100 X 18.9 X 6.7 CM / 1800W | 20 m2 heat coverage | Rated current 7.8A | Dimensions 1000 x 189 x 67 mm
MI2400 / 150 X 18.9 X 6.7 CM / 2400W | 30 m2 heat coverage | Rated current 10.4A | Dimensions 1500 x 189 x 67 mm
MI3200 / 200 X 18.9 X 6.7 cm / 3200W | 40 m2 heat coverage | Rated current 13.9A | Dimensions 2000 x 189 x 67 mm

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MI1000 / 60 X 18.9 X 6.7 cm / 1000W, MI1800 / 100 X 18.9 X 6.7 CM / 1800W, MI2400 / 150 X 18.9 X 6.7 CM / 2400W, MI3200 / 200 X 18.9 X 6.7 cm / 3200W


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